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What we do

We supply remanufactured, OE matching automotive parts to customers throughout Europe

What we do

BORG Automotive Reman is Europe's largest independent automotive spare parts remanufacturer, and we are the only one in the industry that can supply you with eight different product groups.

We remanufacture more than two million units across all brands that all match the quality of OES parts – giving you more than 13,700 part numbers to choose from. We are proud to have grown on a business model that significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

To obtain the best results, we have chosen to test all products at our own specialised production sites in Poland, the UK, and Spain. This ensures both optimum quality and flexibility.

In 2014, we opened Northern Europe's largest core warehouse with space for more than one million cores. This makes our production highly adaptable and allows us to react to your demand at very short notice.


R&D - Ready for the future

Research & Development

Future-proofing our activities requires proactivity from our engineering teams that constantly develop new solutions: on the one hand, they strive to improve each step of our remanufacturing processes and, on the other hand, to include the references of the latest car models in our product groups.

On top of the historical core competencies in mechanical and electric technologies, we have set up teams of engineers specialised in the electronic and software side of our products over the last decade. Such know-how is increasingly relevant in our products as the latest product families use, in addition to the embedded electronics, more advanced vehicle-specific communication protocols such as LIN, CAN, and FlexRay. Today we have mastered them, and we can reverse engineer, activate and test those families like electric AC, Belt Driven Starter-Generator, electric Steering Rack, or Turbos with an electronic actuator.

Over the years, we have also developed an important 3D printing activity for plastic components in order to increase the amount of material that we can recover from the remanufacturing process.

To secure cutting-edge knowledge across all our sites, we are also running activities to share experiences and project results and brainstorm future possibilities to improve our processes further.


New Business Development

Besides developing the processes and the catalogue of the current product groups, we also put a high focus on the extension of our portfolio.

The activity is rooted in the continuous monitoring of the technological evolution of the carpark, which currently leads the focus on the trends of electrification and autonomous vehicles. We run a structured analysis of the car components' remanufacturing potential to support our customers’ interest in solutions that are not yet in our product portfolio.

We collaborate with a wide university network to be at the forefront of research in the remanufacturing domain. For example, since 2019, we have organised our so-called Reman Challenge, where university students from all over Europe work on a case regarding the future of automotive remanufacturing. As a leading company in remanufacturing, we commit to increasing the knowledge and interest of students in what we do, the environmental benefits, and the business opportunities.