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The first brake caliper has been remanufactured at the production site in Lublin

Today we began the production at our new production site in Lublin, Poland. Since we bought the buildings in the fall of 2018, we have worked hard to get the site ready for production. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the site opened as planned and that we have remanufactured the first brake calipers at the site in Lublin today.

The picture above shows the very first remanufactured brake caliper from Lublin.

In the beginning, the new production site will focus on remanufacturing aluminum brake calipers. Over time, the site will start to remanufacture other product groups as well.   

We are looking forward to supplying our partners with automotive parts, remanufactured in Lublin.


Besides the new production site in Lublin, BORG Automotive has another production site in Poland, placed in Zdunska Wola, around 200 kilometres south-west of Warsaw, where starters, alternators, AC compressors, EGR valves and brake calipers are remanufactured. In Zdunska Wola we also have a Research- and Development centre. Our steering products are remanufactured at our production site in the United Kingdom.