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Remanufactured A/C compressors for electric cars: BORG Automotive is sole supplier for many vehicle applications

The A/C compressor range of the Danish remanufacturer BORG Automotive offers distributors almost complete market coverage. An ideal spare part can be found for 97 percent of all vehicles in Europe – including a growing proportion of electric A/C compressors for electric vehicles. Many of these are actually only available in the aftermarket from BORG Automotive.

BORG Automotive is one of the few remanufacturers in the world capable of remanufacturing electric A/C compressors. The company recognized early on that e-mobility had become a future requirement and invested in the necessary technologies. It analyzed the communication protocols between the air conditioning compressors and the engine control unit on the vehicles and performed reverse engineering on the supply system and internal constructions of the electric A/C compressor. BORG Automotive has developed special test equipment which is constantly updated to meet the requirements for testing the new models of electric compressors, to make sure all items perform like the original unit. Furthermore, the company set up its own electrostatically protected production cells, to secure correct handling of all the sensitive parts for the electric compressors.

As a result, BORG Automotive currently is the sole aftermarket supplier of remanufactured A/C compressors for various electric vehicles. For example, with the A/C compressor for the Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric drive (from 2014) and the Smart Fortwo electric drive (from 2011). Or with the A/C compressor for the Nissan Leaf (from 2013). Finally, BORG Automotive is providing the only aftermarket solution for the 1.6-liter plug-in hybrids Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq (from 2016).

18 part numbers for 3.8 million vehicles

The mentioned vehicle applications covered by three part numbers, exemplify many electric A/C compressors that BORG Automotive has added to the product range as part of the company’s constant market observation. Currently, BORG Automotive has 18 electric A/C compressors in the range, which together cover around 3.8 million vehicles in Europe. Further part numbers are to follow this year.

A high quality is guaranteed anytime, because when remanufacturing conventional as well as electric air conditioning compressors, the company works exclusively with OE-cores, which are restored to as-new condition in European production facilities certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

“It has always been our ambition to offer the aftermarket a wide range of products in OE matching quality,” explains Ivan Mikkelsen, Commercial Director at BORG Automotive. “To meet this aspiration, we are continuously working to learn about new technologies and make them available to the distributors ahead of other remanufacturers or spare parts suppliers. We have succeeded very well in this with electric A/C compressors – as well as with many other electric spare parts from our total of eight product groups.“

Thanks to the European production, a strong supply chain and four overnight express warehouses, all A/C compressors from BORG Automotive are available quickly at all times. They are filled with the appropriate oil at the production site and come ready for installation. Most are delivered with O-rings. As with all spare parts from BORG Automotive, there is also a two-year warranty with no mileage limit.