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On-demand Access to Important Information: BORG Automotive Launches Customer Portal

BORG Automotive, the largest independent automotive remanufacturer in Europe, and representative of the brands DRI, TMI, Elstock, and Lucas, has launched a Customer Portal. With just a few clicks, registered aftermarket customers can find up-to-date information on their orders, invoices, credits, request a pickup, and much more around the clock.

There is no substitute for personal contact, and for BORG Automotive, it is never a question of either/or but both/and. As in many other industries, customers in the automotive aftermarket are increasingly asking for online services from their suppliers. BORG Automotive has now responded to this demand by launching a Customer Portal, which features an extensive array of self-service functions.

The portal was designed to be scalable and works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop computers. On the start page, in addition to the contact details of their personal account manager, the customers find five areas: “Finance”, “Invoices”, “Order overview”, “Warranty claims,” and “Pickups”. They can check the status of their order, for example, and view or download current invoices. They can report a warranty claim, request a pickup, and track the process through to credit, and they can also commission the collection of used cores as part of the BORG Automotive deposit system.

The new customer portal ensures maximum transparency. Our customers can update themselves at any time, whenever and wherever they want,” says Simone Nørding, Team Leader, Customer Service at BORG Automotive.

The remanufacturer’s sales department was involved in the development of the portal from the very beginning. Kasper Thomsen, Sales Development Director, added, “For us, it was important to offer customers exactly the services that would provide them with added value. In addition, we wanted to meet the requirements of different users from different company divisions – our pre-launch requirements, analysis and user scenarios were accordingly extensive.

BORG Automotive’s Customer Portal is available in seven languages. In addition to English, there are German, Danish, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese versions. The remanufacturer also intends to regularly align the portal’s functionalities with the needs of its customers and expand them as required.

Clients who want to use the new Customer Portal from BORG Automotive can simply get in touch with their regular contact person at the company and will receive their individual access data shortly afterwards.