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Earth Day 2023: Remanufacturing empowers distributors and workshops to make a difference

To mark this year’s Earth Day, BORG Automotive Reman, the leading independent remanufacturer of automotive spare parts in Europe, reminds that small savings can add up to a significant impact. The company asserts that an aftermarket that prioritises a circular economy whenever possible can jointly make a major contribution to the planet.

Around the globe, people celebrate Earth Day on April 22. First held in the 1970s, the day, which has also been promoted by the United Nations since 2009, is considered to be the origin of modern environmental movements. It is celebrated in more than 190 countries, where many local campaigns highlight the issues of sustainability and resource preservation.

Every contribution counts

To mark Earth Day 2023, remanufacturer BORG Automotive Reman has drawn attention to the huge potential of remanufactured automotive spare parts. In everyday car servicing, distributors and workshops would be making a significant contribution to keeping the planet livable for future generations simply by giving priority to a remanufactured product instead of a newly produced spare part.

The reason is obvious: Anyone who chooses starters, alternators, turbochargers, AC compressors, EGR valves, brake calipers, steering racks or steering pumps from BORG Automotive Reman is strengthening the circular economy. In other words, they ensure that used products are not sorted out and thrown away, but are given a second product life in remanufactured form.

Remanufactured turbochargers: 98 percent saving in raw materials

The figures back this claim: “Compared to the production of a new spare part, remanufacturing saves a considerable amount of energy and valuable raw materials, in particular metals,” explains Rune Avnsted, Sales Director at BORG Automotive Reman. “For example, it takes 88 percent less raw materials to bring a starter back to as-new condition. In the case of a turbocharger, the savings even increase to around 98 percent. At the same time, energy consumption drops by 38 percent and CO2 emissions decrease by about 40 percent on average.”

He concludes: “From the individual perspective, this may only be a small contribution to climate protection and resource conservation, but collectively, remanufacturers, retailers and workshops can make a noticeable difference and ensure that valuable resources are not wasted.”

BORG Automotive Reman: Quality at OE level

However, one thing is important for distributors and workshops: When choosing a remanufacturer, they should pay attention to quality. In this regard, they can be sure to be on the safe side with BORG Automotive Reman. The Danish company markets its remanufactured spare parts under the Elstock, DRI, Lucas and TMI brands. In terms of quality, they are in a league with original parts, because BORG Automotive Reman has been active in remanufacturing for more than 40 years. The company operates its own research and development center and exclusively remanufactures used original cores. All production facilities are certified to quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and located in Europe, which additionally ensures short supply routes and resilient logistics chains. Also, each remanufactured spare part undergoes an end-of-line test in accordance with the OEM’s specifications and comes ready for installation, with a two-year warranty with no mileage limit. And as the price-performance ratio is also convincing, everyone benefits: distributors, workshops, drivers and the environment.