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BORG Automotive Reman adds another fast-moving AC compressor to the range


Right in time for the summer and vacation season, BORG Automotive Reman, Europe’s leading independent remanufacturer, has added a popular AC compressor for Dacia vehicles to its range. It adds eight important vehicle applications to an already extensive assortment.

Until now, workshops and dealers looking for an alternative to the standard compressor for the Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway (1.0 TCe from model year 2021) had a very limited choice. This has changed: Now, they can order the compressor, which covers 300,000 registered vehicles in Europe, from BORG Automotive under the Elstock, DRI, Lucas and TMI brands.

Like all AC compressors in the range, the “new addition” offers quality on a par with the original part, as BORG Automotive Reman not only brings more than 40 years of experience in the industrial remanufacturing of automotive spare parts, but has also incorporated quality into its processes. For instance, the company exclusively remanufactures original AC compressors. All production facilities are located in Europe. And the remanufacturing itself follows a strict, six-stage process: Each AC compressor is thoroughly inspected, dismantled and cleaned. Small and wearing parts are then replaced before the compressor is reassembled and finally subjected to individual function tests according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Supporting the mechanic

To support a smooth installation, the majority of BORG compressors come with the correct o-ring kit included for the discharge and suction ports, which means the mechanic does not have to find or order these afterwards.

There is an installation guide in every BORG box, which also has a QR code the mechanic can scan to get the same info visually on a installation movie with all important tips and tricks to secure correct installation.


Optimal stocking with a wide range

In total, BORG Automotive Reman’s AC compressor range includes more than 1,300 part numbers, and has a clear goal to be first-to-aftermarket with a competitive solution, offering almost complete coverage: There is a fitting AC compressor for 95 percent of all vehicles in Europe, Five of the supplier’s most popular climate compressors alone cover more than 31 million vehicles in Europe and hundreds of applications from Volkswagen-Audi, PSA, Renault, Opel, Fiat and other brands.

Fast delivery thanks to efficient logistics

In addition, efficient logistics with a central warehouse and dispatch center in Poland as well as many express warehouses in Europe ensure that ordered compressors arrive quickly at the workshop – even overnight on request. All compressors are delivered ready for installation and come with a two-year warranty with no mileage limit.


Aftermarket and the environment benefit

Another important aspect: Thanks to their good price-performance ratio, AC compressors from BORG Automotive Reman help workshops to offer optimum service quality and still work profitably. And last but not least, the environment also benefits. According to life cycle assessments conducted by Linköping University last year on behalf of the remanufacturer, the remanufacturing of an AC compressor by BORG Automotive Reman saves an average of 76 percent of greenhouse gases, 72 percent of energy and 84 percent of raw materials when compared to new production.