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BORG Automotive opens the largest Core warehouse in Northern Europe

New possibilities

- Every hour that a truck is held up in a garage for repairs is lost revenue for the operator. It is no surprise that the automotive aftermarket is a highly dynamic and competitive market. Our customers are always looking for prompt delivery, higher quality, lower costs and superior customer service, says Kenneth Rønne Jensen.

On more than 3.000 square meters, 400.000 units are stored, ready for remanufacturing. Accordingly, the new Core warehouse is the largest storage in all of Northern Europe. Kenneth Rønne Jensen is pleased, - the new warehouse allows us to accommodate the increased demand of our products. Our customers want faster deliveries and are often times looking for very specific units. We are now able to receive much larger quantities and offer a wider selection of units, ultimately benefiting our customers.

Detecting the most frequent defects

On-site Group Production Director, Marcin Zieba, elaborates, - the defective auto parts are delivered to the warehouse after which they undergo the remanufacturing process in our neighbouring factory. This process involves complete disassembly, thorough cleaning and repairs, extensive inspection of all parts and eventually individual, final testing.

According to CLEPA European Association of Automotive Suppliers, a  remanufactured product must: "fulfil a similar function to the original part. It is manufactured using standardised industrial process in line with specific technical specifications. The industrialised process incorporates defined core management standards. A remanufactured spare part is warranted as a new spare part."

- Aside from the considerable economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing, we are to a greater extent able to detect the most frequent causes for defects affecting the units we receive for remanufacturing. This allows us to take the necessary precautions and reproduce products that even perform better than OE units, says Kenneth Rønne Jensen.

We are pleased that the warehouse is now open for business.