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Environmental benefits of reman

We take responsibility, not only for our partners but also for the environment

Environmental benefits of remanufacturing

At BORG Automotive Reman, we take responsibility not only for our partners but also for the environment. We are proud to grow our business using a circular business model that significantly reduces CO2 emissions and energy emissions and saves on raw materials compared to manufacturing the original automotive part.

Remanufacturing is a significant contributor to a circular economy, where as much material as possible is given new life, and as little as possible goes to waste.

Remanufacturing extends the life of a product by bringing a defective product to the same standard as it was when it was first manufactured by putting it through a process that aims to reuse most of the material - without compromising on quality. As a result, the environmental impact is also minimized.

By remanufacturing our products, on average, 60% less CO2eq is emitted, 42% less energy (MJ) is consumed, and there is 70% less depletion of nature's non-renewable raw materials (Sb-eq).* 

*The average reduction is calculated from index 100 for each newly produced product without taking into account differences in production volumes for the 8 remanufactured products.
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BORG Automotive Reman - a major driving force in remanufacturing

Seventy years ago, the remanufacturing industry did not exist, and defective units were regarded as scrap. Metal could be re-melted for the steel industry, but all other materials were put into refuse dumps with other household appliances at the risk of poisoning the groundwater and damaging the environment. 

Fortunately, much has changed, and we are proud that our way of doing business benefits a cleaner environment and that BORG Automotive Reman, for more than 40 years, has been a major driving force within the European remanufacturing industry.

Continuous improvement for a greener environment 

We work together with our partners to minimse the climate impact, and we constantly strive to reduce our CO2 emissions and material consumption. Going forward to 2030, we have the ambition to reduce our GHG emissions from in-house production by 30%.

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